February Update

Weathermen lie! It only got up to 40 today, but that’s better than the 25 degrees we started with!

Shalako taught us a new sweep – the Dyslexic Progressive Idaho Two Step. An Idaho Two Step is usually 1-3-1-2-3, repeat. We did 1-2-2-3-3-3-1-3-3-3. What fun! Shalako took overall honors (by one second) and Pinto Annie was 4th and Top Lady. Skookum Chuck and Wilkes CLEANED the match!!

Most of our regulars are headed to the SASS National Championships, Winter Range, which will be held in Phoenix, AZ February 19-26, 2013. We wish them all safe travels and the best of luck!! Shoot smooth and clean and bring home those national trophies!!!

2013 scores are posted at Columbia County Shooting site and are provided by Total Time and with By Rank with Detail (Misses, Procedurals and Bonuses and even then a little screwy with higher times listed before quicker ones!). The software provider assures us they will be fixing everything so hopefully we’ll have the Detail by Total Time available soon!

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Scores for January and Updates

Pinto Annie reports:

“We about froze to death (it was 19 degrees when we started), but 9 of us braved the cold and managed to complete all 6 stages! Shalako put us through some great stages, Runamuck took overall and Lunger, RP Dodge and Skookum Chuck managed CLEAN matches!”

Yeah! Sounds pretty darn fun! 🙂 Scores are below.

Our next match will be held on February 9th, 2013. Stay tuned for more details!

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Snowy Shoot!

Pinto Annie reports:

“We started out with 9 shooters, Courth’s rifle wouldn’t work and then Empire Bob got an MDQ, so finished with 7. Fun time though a little chilly!!” Scores are below.
Hope all you pards are staying warm in this chilly weather! Our next match will be held on January 12th, weather permitting.

See you then!

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November 10th shoot and scores

Pinto Annie reports the cowboys were “few but mighty in the cold” this last Saturday. She was also our clean match winner (yahoo!).

Our next match will be December 8th, weather permitting!
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Scores for October 13th!

According to Pinto Annie, “Beautiful day with lost of folks away – shootin’ elsewhere, fishin’ and whatever else!”

Scores are below!


Our next match will be held on November 10th, and we hope to see you there!

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