Howdy, Hello, and Startup Stuff

Well, howdy.

Today is the first official (more or less) day of our cowboy-action shooting group, the Pataha Rustlers.

The 1st meeting agenda — planning! We — the Doc, myself, and the other core members of our group — met today in town to discuss the beginnings of it all.  As cowboy-action shooting is a relatively new interest for all of us, this should be interesting.  Since I was appointed Secretary/Web Guru, let me give you the run-down of everything:

  • We appointed officers; the Doc will be our Chairman, I’ll be the Secretary, and we have appointed a Treasurer, but I am holding off announcing him until I am certain of his SASS name.
  • We chose the name of our group by unanimous vote: the Pataha Rustlers.
  • We discussed SASS laws, by-laws, and other nitpicky things.  Nothing was decided for sure at this point, just mulled over.
  • Individual names were bantered over.  At this point, the Doc is the only one who is registered with SASS (pending), but the rest of us will soon follow suit.
  • We also decided to meet every 4th Saturday of the month, around 9am, at the range.

Plans are also in the works to get our club SASS Affiliated, but as of yet, they have not passed out of mere speculation.

The guys have been busy working on targets; so far we have two swinging buffalo, one swinging coyote, five swinging rounds, and two knock-down shotgun targets.  They look great, and best of all, are sturdy.

Doc Day putting the bead on one of our shotgun knockdowns   Librarian Marian checkin out a Ruger Vaquero

As of right now, work on the website is coming along, albeit slowly, but we’ve got an ‘About’ page at least, and a few links to tickle your fancy.  Our next meet is listed in the sidebar under “Take Aim.”  If you have any questions, please drop us a line at pataharustlers at yahoo dot com.

Happy Trails….

~Marian the Librarian

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