Today we (all but two members of our group) braved the snowy roads for our Cabela’s trip, and had a blast.

Nothing better than oogling guns, as I say.

Along the way, we had a logistics meeting, the details of which I’ll relate:

  • The guys are still working on getting enough targets up and going for our upcoming January meet.  (I promise I’ll be taking pictures soon.)
  • Also for our January meet, Doc Day will be our Match Director, and Touchet Bob will be our black powder Match Director.
  • We decided we will not be getting a timer for our first few meetings — giving us time to get “into” things — but we will be looking into one for future meets and matches.
  • Individual SASS memberships are coming along; a rough estimate would be that 50% of our group have already applied for theirs.

Along the way, we also bantered over future business of our club, most specifically, things to help raise awareness of our existence.  i.e.:

  • We would like to do something for Dayton Days (if you have ideas, pass them along to us at pataharustlers [at] yahoo [dot] com),
  • and something for the foreign exchange students, to show them a bit of the “old west,”
  • and also a booth of some kind at the Columbia Co. Fair.

No decisions were made as of yet, but they are being heavily considered.

And finally, regarding our club’s status as a SASS Affiliated Club, we have not found a Territorial Governor (TG), and our insurance situation is still being worked on.

That’s it for now.  As soon as you decide on/register for your name, please let me know.  I’d also like to get emails gathered as I’m hoping to send out newsletter announcements in the near future.  (No spam, I promise.)

Shootin’ guns,


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