Sunshine & Shootin’

A beautiful day for shooting, it was; sunny, warm, and just enough wind to clear the black powder smoke from those of us infatuated with cap & ball revolvers!

Here’s a photo-post of our day:

docdaymatchsetup.jpgDoc Day examining the target setup for a new stage.  We had several unique stages, including almost all our original targets, as well as some new ones: we now have a set of five targets in the shape of a steam locomotive with coal car, two passenger cars, and a caboose!

fanniebroadbottompistol.jpgFannie Broadbottom putting the bead on a pistol target, Emma Bookherder working the timer.  (Might I add that it was an experience shooting under pressure of time.  But also an exciting one!)  Concerning shooting under the timer, I was very pleased to observe that all of us managed to better our time by a little bit every stage, and some of us by a lot: Fannie here lowered her time by a full 40 seconds between stages three and four!  Go Fannie!

docdayshotgun.jpgDoc Day loading the shotgun, Cougar Creek Ray working the timer.


A picture of our loading table, crammed with all our gear, producing a neat sampling of all kinds of different cowboy arms.  Black powder Remingtons, an 1858 Starr Double Action, some Navys, and several different kinds of cartridge guns were abound.  Lots of interesting conversation happened here concerning firearms history.

In all, it was a very good day, with lots of good shooting (check out the Trophy Wall!), good comeraderie, and good weather.  We had a couple visitors, whom I’d like to thank for coming.  We hope to see you again.


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