A humdinger of a shoot and lots of updates!


First of all, let me thank everyone who attended this last Saturday’s shoot; it was great rubbing elbows and seeing all the different guns & costumes.  Not to mention getting to see some real fine shootin.’  Here are a few pictures of the day:

Our new flag

We have a new flag!  I tried very hard to get a nice picture of our flag flapping in the early morning breeze, but every time I clicked the shutter, it had sank back against the trailer-hitch-flagpole the Doc made earlier in the week.  Our flag is a white cowboy hat above a set of white, crossed lever guns on a field of black, as per the popular vote.  Many thanks go to Doc’s mom for the immense amount of help in the sewing process.

Trying to solve camera issues

Pinto Annie really saved my bacon after the initial morning safety meeting.  My digital camera did not want to work, and Pinto Annie was kind enough to dig out her own camera and take some pictures for us.  Thank you, Pinto Annie!

Following are a few pictures of the actual meet; Nutmeg Shorty getting ready for a stage, Cougar Creek Ray putting the bead on a rifle target, Runamuck slinging lead at a shotgun target (complete with billowing smoke), and a very upset hostage (he ended up taking some lead in the head and had to be retired from the game):

Nutmeg Shorty gettin’ ready.   Cougar Creek Ray putting the bead on the spot   Runamuck and his smoking barrel   Poor guy.  It just isn’t his day.

We shot four stages and then broke for lunch.  Lunch was generously cooked by Lightning Jack Striker and Fannie Broadbottom.  Thanks guys.  Then, we reconvened for the last stage and side match.

Our side match was a shotgun only match, consisting of six shots: one barrel, two knockdowns, a hanger target, and then two for the pop-can flinger.  Pictures are of Doc Day starting off the match with a bang, Cougar Creek Ray splattering a can, our new Territorial Governor, Shalako Tucker, creating a nice soda explosion, and Winchester, who had to show us all how it should be done.  Winchester loaded six shots into his pump ’97, and did the entire stage in under four seconds!

Doc starting off the side match     Cougar Creek Ray splatters a can     Territorial Governor, Shalako Tucker     Winchester shows us how it should be done!

Great shooting, everyone. 

Now for a few announcements:

  • Our shooting day has moved to better accomodate everyone’s schedules and so we are not in conflict.  Meets will now be held on the 4th Sunday of the month during our summer hours (now).  Shoots will start at 1.30 in the afternoon.  Hours will be posted.
  • We are moving toward SASS affiliation; paperwork has been submitted, but not finalized.
  • We now have a Territorial Governor, Shalako Tucker.
  • We also now have an email newsletter list.  We promise not to spam you, only to send you a pared down (no images) copy of our monthly newsletter.  You may also access archived copies of previous newsletters.  To subscribe, click the link in the side-bar under “Mail Delivery.”  It will open a new window where you can send a blank email to pataharustlerstelegraph-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (this is how you subscribe).
  • The Trophy Wall page has also been updated to include the “bad deputy” pictures (those of us who hit hostages).

And I do believe that is it.

We hope to see plenty of you at our next month’s match — April 27th at 1.30pm.

Herdin’ books,

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