‘I shot the sheriff,’ and other things too

Sunday was a lot of fun.

We had a grand total of 18 cowboy shooters in attendance, and we even had some spectators!  (I hope we didn’t scare too many of them off…! 😉 )  Starting at 1pm went off without a hitch this time, and it seems to be a pretty good time for it.  The weather was very nice on Sunday (although it did look like it was going to rain on us a couple times), and the wind blew in just the right direction for the black powder shooters.

Doc Day had some really creative stages for us, themed with starting lines from westerns.  During one of the stages, he had us do a scene from the movie ‘Young Guns,’ where Billy says “Top o’the mornin’ to ya Ladies,” then rips the gun out of Sheriff Brady’s holster and shoots him.  Shooter Courth Pollard, with his gigantic black powder pistols claims he lit our plywood sheriff cutout on fire and had to “shoot real quick to blow it out!”

Other stages included a spinner, which indicated what line and firearm to start with, as well as lines and enactments from other famous westerns.  My personal favorite was the “Looks like we got ’em” stage, where you said the line and walked toward a “horse” (made out of barrels) as if you were the bad guy who thought you’d just killed the hero…. but you were wrong!

I apologize for there being no pictures this time; I was having camera issues again (this time it was the batteries), and so there will be no photos until I get some of the ones my Grandma took (who was one of the enthusiastic spectators) in the mail.

News of importance:

  • Our next shoot will be held on Sunday, June 22nd
  • And will be themed with “Lines that didn’t come from Westerns… but should have.”
  • The results have been tallied and posted to the Trophy Wall.

Herdin’ books,

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