Hot bullets

Attendance was down a little at our August 24th shoot, but I really can’t blame anyone; after this cold spat we’ve had, the weekend turned out to be quite a bit hotter than “the usual.”  Thankfully, everyone brought water (and we had some available for everyone as well), and there was a little shade to be had under the building.

But!  We had some fun stages — Doc Day designed half and I tried my hand at designing some — and although there were no water-bottle “hostages” to be had for the bad deputy wannabes, we still had a hoot.

Here are some pics:


  • Hey Granpa getting some gear
  • The Three Cowboys.  L to R: Shalako Tucker, Runamuck, and Doc Day return to the firing line after addresssing some target issues.
  • Everyone eager to shoot! L to R: Nutmeg Shorty, Courth Pollard, Deputy Dom, and Shot-z Lady waiting in line.


  • Deputy Dom takes out a shotgun knockdown
  • Checking the guns.  I believe those pistols belong to Clearwater Annie….
  • Brass flies from Shot-z Lady’s rifle receiver as she opens fire on the targets downrange.


  • Looking down Nutmeg Shorty’s barrel as she aims at our rifle discs.
  • Doc Day taking out the pistol targets.
  • Lots of smoke!  Runamuck takes out the pistol targets with black powder.

Fun shoot, everyone! 🙂

Again, thanks to all the shooters who attended, and if you’re in the neighborhood during September 5th-7th, swing by the Pataha Rustlers’ booth in the Fair Pavilion!  It should be good.

Our next meet will be held on September 28th. 

Herdin’ books,

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