Saving Fred

Our match was a little crazy, but we had a pretty good turn-out, and Doc Day even made it though he’d had a rather rough surgery in the morning (apparently it was “touch and go,” but the amputee was expected to make a nice recovery)…

Most everyone participated in our “side-match,” an optional shotgun-only warm-up of flyer targets, and despite the fact that our cans were playing hard-to-git, everyone seemed to have a ball (literally — one of our flyer targets threw small apples).


From there we had several fun stages incorporating Halloween-colored cowboys, tombstone racks, and skull-markers:


And then it was time to SAVE FRED.

Lucky for Fred, everyone was warmed up enough that his neck only got a little stretched (although it was a pretty rough day for him, what with hitting the deck so hard….).

After that, it was just a matter of taking on the ghost train and swinging apparitions in the graveyard:


Good shooting, folks!  (Speaking of good shooting, check out the mini-video I made of Shalako saving Fred:

Our next match will be held on November 23rd, with sign-in at 9.30am.  Why so early?  As of the impending time-change, we will be on Winter Hours until it’s time to “spring ahead” next year. 

I have also heard from a few people that they have been having trouble signing up for our newsletter; if you want to receive our newsletter, you may also email the club requesting to be added, and I will send you an invite.  It’s quick, easy, and painless.

And, if you’d like to see more photos, check out our new photo album:

Until next time…

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