November Shoot

None of us knew what to expect on November 23rd; the weather man called for cloudy and rain, the day before we had freezing wind, and we woke up to below freeing tempatures, but then we shot in the sunshine with barely enough wind to keep the targets visible.

And a fun match was had by all. Especially those of us that weren’t shooting so well, which was over half of us. God I love our sport and the people that make it great! It isn’t great because we have pard’s that can shoot four guns, 24 shots in under 20 seconds. It is great because IF the pard that can and does shoot those stages in 20 seconds is having an off day and shoots it in around 40 seconds or more, everyone stays happy, no one gets pissed, no hissy fits are thrown, no sponsorships are lost. Through the good times and off days our sport survives because of the greatest group of people I have ever missed targets in front of.

The scores are posted on the Trophy page.

No one got a clean match; the closest was 4 missed.

Now get plenty of rest, eat an apple and send me a telegram in a few days.

Doc Day

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