Scores and Important Club Announcements

Seven brave souls showed up for our December shoot, and we had a grand time despite it being so chilly. Luckily, the wind didn’t blow and we had a little campfire going in the fire pit, as well as propane heaters abound!

Scores have been posted to the Trophy Wall page.

And now for some Important Club Announcements:

  • Pinto Annie is now  our club Treasurer
  • Just a reminder: I have the email subscription thingy in the sidebar FIXED. 🙂 Simply plug your email into the box and click  the “sign me up” button to get a copy of our posts here delivered right to  your email inbox. (Remember to check your Spam or Junk folder for the confirmation email from WordPress)
  • And last but definitely not least:

Our shoot day has been moved to

the 2nd Saturday

Which means that our next shoot will be January 9th, 2010. We hope to see you there. 🙂

Until next time…

Herdin’ books,

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