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Est. December 2007!

Based out of Dayton, Washington, the SASS-Affiliated Pataha Rustlers are a small group of gun-toting individuals who like to play cowboy on the weekend.  They currently meet/shoot every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Patit range.

at 8.30am

  • Shooter’s Fee: $10
  • Junior Shooters (ages 14-16): $5
  • First-time shooters and Buckaroos/Buckarettes (age 13 and under): free


Chairman: TBA

Secretary/webmaster: Emma Bookherder, SASS #78616

Treasurer: Pinto Annie, SASS #27966L

Territorial Governor: Shalako Tucker, SASS #27964L

Our Range

Here are a few pictures of our range (and Cowboy Action targets).  It’s located a few miles out on the Patit, heading East outside of Dayton.

Patit Range, aerial view Patit Range, closeup rangesetup.jpg


If you’re coming into Dayton on Hwy 12 from the direction of Walla Walla, drive practically all the way through town.  Towards the end you’ll go up a rise and ahead you’ll see the road curve to the left onto a bridge.  Before that, you want to take a right on the road that splits off from the main (the Patit Rd); there’s some iron Lewis & Clark cutouts just a little ways on from the turn.

If you’re coming into town from the Lewiston direction, you’ll curve up and around on a bridge next to the old Seneca plant.  Right on your left as you near the end of the turn, you’ll see the iron cutouts marking the turn onto the Patit Rd, and you’ll take a left there.

From there, you follow the Patit Road out and around; you’ll pass the place where Lewis & Clark camped, and after a few miles, there’ll be a road that cuts off to the right– Range Grade.  You’ll have to watch for it; it isn’t very well marked.  Take that, and you’ll cross a little bridge.  Instead of going straight, take an immediate left, and drive through the barbed wire gates — they’ll be open — and you’re there.

It is a paved road the entire way, right up until you turn in the Range gates.
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To send a general email to the club, please use the form below.

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  1. Is it smart to use metal targets when you bullets could and probably do ricochet? It would be very unfortunate to have someone get hurt.

  2. Hi there!

    The possibility of ricochets is the reason behind our use of soft-cast lead bullets, not just for their historical accurateness, but because they flatten and drop at the base of the target. Also, we use swinging or knockdown styles for most of our targets — that helps dissipate the “blowback” force of a flying bullet.

    Herdin’ Books,

  3. Good shoot Sunday and great people!


    Courth Pollard

  4. […] (6 stages per day), and lots of fun in between! If you are planning on camping at the range please contact us. We’ll be having a potluck dinner on Saturday evening — we’ll provide the grill, […]

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